Katy's Top Summer Picks

Katy's Top Summer Picks - Lillie & Pine

I’m kicking off our first blog post with a massive understatement.

This has been a very different year so far.

Normally in summer I gravitate to VIBRANT + ENERGIZING scents. This summer I’ve been going for CALM + MELLOW. As we emerge from quarantine, even the most casual outings, errands + interactions are a little too exciting and, beneath the surface, anxiety producing. Do we hug? No, not yet. That avocado is way too soft, but I can’t put it back? I touched it! Who else touched it?! WHO just sneezed?! And that’s a quick trip to my fave grocery store.

2020 Summer Skin Care Goals: CALM | PROTECT | HYDRATE.

For these goals, here are my top Lillie & Pine must-haves I’m keeping handy.

Rosewater & Aloe Hydrating Mist

It’s hard to describe the balancing effect of this floral mist. Read along as I try…

The cooling + restorative effects of aloe are widely known and celebrated. Roses are a little more narrowly viewed as a romantic or feminine icon. But a blood pressure reducer? A new medical study measuring the effects of rosa damascena oil absorbed into the skin reported a significantly lower breathing rate, blood oxygen saturation level and systolic blood pressure. Additionally, subjects rated themselves as more calm and relaxed than the control group.

Once, my toddler had a public melt down and I didn’t know what else to do but quickly mist my face with the travel size Rosewater that I’m always packing. I probably looked crazy but I was calm.

Key Summer Benefit: Restoration from sun exposure, makeup setter, pandemic calmer downer.

Foot Balm $15

Foot Balm

I use this magic salve every single day of the year, but I use it twice a day in summer. I’ve joked with my team that it’s like liquid socks for the summer (but I’m not really joking). This light balm does wonders to protect feet before going out in sandals, sand, and chlorine. The Peppermint calms feet (and adjacent leg muscles) + Tea Tree and Orange essential oils provide antimicrobial, deodorizing, and energizing effects. This is one of our most purchased products. The restocks are constant.

Key Summer Benefit: Mosquitoes back off my ankles if I apply up to my ankle bone. The little pinpricks-on-wings just don’t like tea tree and peppermint, whilst I love them. Feet are calmed, hydrated, and protected (see what I did there?).

Tea Tree + Lavender Hand Sanitizer $9 | $14

Tea Tree + Lavender Hand Sanitizer

We all need Hand Sanitizer this summer. That’s a given. I’m using Lavender + Tea Tree more than ever since I noticed how much it helps with (again) the mosquitoes. This one calms with its beautiful Lavender scent, hydrates my over-washed hands, and protects from germs AND mosquitoes. Adding to the list of herbal scents that mosquitoes don’t dig and I LOVE: LAVENDER. If the bugs already took a bite, good news, the Tea Tree helps soothe the itch and sting. I was amazed.

Key Summer Benefit: Extra protection when soap is unavailable + mosquitoes are plenty. 

English Lavender Bath Bomb $6.50

English Lavender Bath Bomb

We’re starting to leave the house a little, but we’re still home a lot. The bathroom door and a tub full of clean, heavenly scented bubble water is boundary town! My bath is a safe haven to sink into lovely silence, or an audiobook, and bubbles. For us to emerge our best selves from this strange time, we need to insist upon a little time every single day (now more than ever) to reset our nervous system and give our minds and bodies a healing moment of pause. The minerals and essential oils in this bath bomb are a gateway for me to get there. It also tells my family exactly what’s up. “Mama’s in the tub, so probably don’t ask me to make pancakes for dinner until I’m out.”

Key Summer Benefit: Clean + Calm Alone Time. Soothing for extra active muscles.

Milk + Honey Scented Rollerball $12 or Buy 2 Get 1

Milk + Honey Scented Rollerball

One of our most convenient pocket size products in one of our most popular scents! I love Milk + Honey rollerballs a little extra right now because they have such a mellow summer-y scent. The lightweight and convenient packaging allows me to carry one anywhere I go for a scent + mood refresh, and my customers report back so many compliments on what a light and attractive scent these little rollers produce. Lightweight plant oils blend with perfume and essential oils to grace your skin, without overpowering.

Key Summer Benefit: Refreshing scent, moisturizing texture, great bundle option. 

Thank you for reading our first blog post, now go enjoy the summer. Shop any of these items in our online store.

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