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5 THINGS we want you to know about our decision to re/brand our beloved products.

The #1 question we received was: Why would you change your menu? We will let Katy, our founder, answer that. 
This re/brand was a difficult decision and an incredible amount of work. 
We did this because it was necessary and because we believe wholeheartedly in the new complete face and body formulas we have created. As the founder, I am the first person who tests the re/brand products.
Katy, our Founder addressing our decision to re/brand our offering
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I really love the results, and find myself wearing less makeup, often none at all. 
We had a lot of practical/logistical reasons to modify our menu, but the biggest one is to bring you better products and better results.
I loved the way my skin felt using our original products. I love the way my skin looks, feels, and functions after three months of switching routines.
Here are the 5 things I want you to know.


Thank you for loving all of the products we have created. We have loved them very much, too.

We accidentally became a women-owned and operated family business because we love these products so much. We originally created them so that we could use them. We are the owners, and we are also our most demanding customers. We wanted more from our products.
This re/brand has required a lot of trust, within ourselves and especially with you, our friends and customers. Thank you for the trust. 
This had to be done. We were making 104 products by hand, and we simply couldn’t keep up. Steve Jobs is a founder we admire for his belief in being an absolute expert at what you do. I’m very good at what I create for us, but I can’t be an expert at 104 things. As our business grew, more things were out of stock for longer periods of time. Then the supply chain crisis occurred, followed by inflation.
We reached out to several advisors and two paths became clear: downsize our offering or outsource production.
These are our family recipes. We will produce, package, and ship them ourselves. Thank you.  
Even the idea of cutting products was a crushing concept. We had always hoped to expand our line to include facial care, now we seemed to be going the other direction. For the 2nd time in two years I looked around our studio and thought “this was a good run, but this looks like the end.”
Then I remembered that… 


I’ve learned a lot about skin health and I feel it's my duty to increase our product's benefits as we re/brand them.

Even if I was going to make fewer products, I wanted more for us, not less. Each product is designed to perform two functions:
  • offer more versatility of uses than a typical single product
  • revitalize our overall skin health
Our previous menu centered around self-care more than skin care. This menu delivers equal support to your self-care and skin health routines.
“I loved the way my skin felt using our original products. I love the way my skin looks, feels, and functions after three months of switching routines.”
We have been researching and testing facial care for five years. Our goal from day one was to expand our line to face products. We didn't expect to meet that lofty goal while streamlining our products. But we did. Frankly, we're a little amazed at ourselves. Now we're kinda hoping to amaze you.
Pear Tree Face & Body Wash
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I knew what I wanted from my products, but I was delighted and motivated when I talked to so many of you and I heard what you want from the products you purchase. As I spoke with many of you and learned what you wanted from your personal care routines, I found we have a lot of similar goals.
In my research, I found countless articles outlining a global movement called Skinimalism to rely on fewer products for beauty, interrupt our skin with less cosmetic actives, and enjoy a glow with less makeup.


Spending a year at home will cause us all to assess life a bit, and inflation will cause many of us to look at our spending. Born from this is “skinimalism”.

I'm delightfully surprised that women are making the shift to minimalism, as guys are spending more time and money than ever on personal care. Maybe someday I will be ready for bed before Nathan, my husband. I have heard more than two comedians joke in the past year that they don’t know why it takes their wives so long to get ready for bed. “What is she doing in there?” Well, what are we doing in there, hoping to become more beautiful by tomorrow?
I say, you’re gorgeous already, go to bed.
But skinimalism is not about giving up, or devaluing personal care. It’s the best path towards youthful skin, self-compassion, and consumer power. Dr. Loretta Ciraldo addressed this in a CNN’s article:
The 10-step skin care routine is definitely waning in popularity, and as a dermatologist I’m very pleased about this.
“Not only was it time-consuming and potentially quite expensive, it also introduced a lot of irritants and conflicting formulations into people’s skin routines," said Dr. Ciraldo.


We refined our role in your routine.

Whether you have a facial mask routine that syncs with your cycle or you are a simple 2-step person, we have designed a collection of face + body products that can serve as your personal care foundation or complete routine. Ideally, we want to be a mix of both. At least one to two days a week, it’s a great idea to let your skin do its job without interference, using only the basic two steps: cleanse + protect.
There is a growing global movement called skinimalism, to rely on fewer products for beauty, interrupt our skin with less cosmetic actives and enjoy a glow with less makeup.


We love our new products! Are you ready to try them out?

What if I told you the Face & Body Wash (aka liquid gold) took me the entire five years I’ve been doing this to perfect? And what if I told you it’s in stock and ready for you to try?
I loved the way my skin felt using our original products. I love the way my skin looks, feels, and functions after three months of switching routines.
Our website is organized by our classic scents and product types. You will notice a filter and sort option that will help you find your 37 new favorite products.

I would like to personally recommend Calm Balm. If you love lavender or good moods, this is an option for you.

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Our strongest concentration of lavender, ever, paired with roman chamomile.
Calm Balm sold out almost immediately but calm down, it's RESTOCKED. You can use this balm as a skin softener, muscle rub, stress reliever, aromatherapy massage tool, or as a deep and calming moisturizer.
Sometimes I just hold it up to my nose or press between my eye brows when I'm feeling busy, or just nuts.
 If you love lavender or good moods, this is an option for you.
PRO-TIP: Keep this one close to bed.
All of our balms (foot balm, nail balm, mama & baby balm, pure & clean body, calm balm) are now VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE. No more beeswax, mess, or draggy glide. Best part, this eco- and animal-friendly hands-free salve has a silkening texture and a lighter feel while delivering more phyto-rich nutrients such as green tea and orchid extract.
We have been intentional with every ingredient in these 37 products.
These are highly versatile products that are designed to be used together and alone in a routine. 
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We are proud of our work. We used our family values and a ton of research to deliver skin care products that are intentional, sustainable, eco-friendly, and kind to your skin.
The moment is here, the wait is over. You have been patient, loyal and supportive. On behalf of my family - thank you.


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