Body Balm Product Highlights

WATERPROOF:  Beeswax balm repels the water from frequent hand washing, swimming from stripping your skin of it's natural moisture.

NOURISHING:  Beeswax also seals in the rich nutrients packed into the olive oil, protective lanolin, rich coconut oil and cocoa butter which impart a velvety, youthful texture.

BREATHABLE:  Petroleum is a bit of a dirty pore clogger. Beeswax allows your skin to breath and release toxins.

SUSTAINABLE: Leave the petroleum based products behind and join our sustainable movement to protect the earth while protecting your precious skin. Lillie & Pine products are formulated clean and clear of petrochemicals.

HANDS-FREE:  Just a few swipes where you need it the most, no mess, no fuss - NO GREASY STEERING WHEEL.