Co-owners of Lillie & Pine at the beach in the 1980's.

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A Recipe and $100

My mother in law gave me her sugar scrub recipe and $100 for Christmas in 2015 to “do something fun.” I was amazed by the beauty and power of plant-based ingredients. Quickly, I became obsessed with creating new recipes and testing them on loved ones.  

Lillie & Pine unintentionally became a handcrafted bath + body brand in 2017 and this little winter project became my vocation. I chose the name Lillie & Pine because they are the two streets our family called home growing up.  

We had been married less than a year when I said "Honey, I accidentally started a business in our home."

In the beginning, I was able to store my precious supplies on a single shelf in our kitchen. Today we produce, package and ship in a lovely 1000-square foot studio in downtown Moline, Illinois.

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A true family business.

II say we, because this is a family operation. From the first conversation about sugar scrub with my mother in law, to the most recent bar of soap hand beveled by Dad, every family member puts their heart along with mine into Lillie & Pine.

One of the best surprises came when my mom, Kathy, went from being my best customer to my full-time partner. Then my Dad joined our team 18 months later.

You are the reason we have a story to tell, thank you for taking a moment to become a part of it.

We intentionally package our products to send a bit of joy and happiness to your family from ours.

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