Women Owned &
Family Operated


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After an exciting decade of volunteering in Americorps, Peace Corps, teaching in Japan, and working in Chicago - Katy returned to her native Iowa, where she grew up on Pine Street and Lillie Avenue.

She saw Nathan Miller across a room and asked the person next to her "is he single?" Over the few years, Katy and Nathan married, Lillie & Pine unintentionally became a business and their wild + beautiful daughter, Sadie, was born.

Katy creates and makes by hand all of the recipes and is one of her best customers. Turning this healthy hobby into a family business has been an incredible joy.

Katy's Fave Product:
Pear Tree Body Lotion
Rosewater & Aloe Hydrating Mist

Fun Fact:
Katy has been a proud Rod Stewart fan since high school and totally had a mullet growing up.  


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kathy anderson


After 25 years working at St. Ambrose University, Kathy 'rewired' in February 2018 to join her daughter, Katy, at Lillie & Pine. Kathy brings the organizational and management skills she learned at St. Ambrose to her new, lovely smelling workplace.

Always a life-long learner, Kathy is quickly absorbing from Katy the art and science of producing, packaging and shipping their bath and body products. She is grateful for the family and friends who support Lillie & Pine.

Kathy's Fave Product:
Milk & Honey Body Butter
ALL Sugar Scrubs

You can do anything for a day!


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steve anderson

"Larry the label guy"


In 2019, Steve joined his daughter's company making Lillie & Pine an official family business. He has brought valuable insight into every area of the business from inventory organization to graphic design

His willingness know no bounds. He even offered to start helping Katy in the kitchen. If you receive a bar of Lillie & Pine soap it has been cut and hand beveled by Steve.

Steve's Fave Product:
Sandalwood Bourbon Beard Oil
Blue Mountain Hand Sanitizer

Fave Hobbies:
Playing the guitar and being Sadie's "Papa"

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sue trone

"Saint Sue"

inventory + wholesale

Sue dances productive circles around the Lillie & Pine team while they stand there and ask her questions.

Sue's high energy, great sense of humor and long experience in retail and management has brought incredible improvement to Lillie & Pine in almost every area. As a SCORE mentor Sue works with many entrepreneurs locally.

Sue is leading our wholesale expansion this year, and is like a member of the Anderson-Miller family.

Sue's Fave Product:
Orange Clove Body Lotion

Fave Hobbies:
Sewing, running and being "Mashu" to 4 beautiful grandchildren

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nathan miller

As Lillie & Pine has grown from a hobby taking up one shelf in their kitchen to a wholesale operation, Nathan's role as Katy's mentor, IT Support and husband has been central to their success. He has had countless products tested on him and frequently finds himself in spontaneous team meetings at random.

Whether replacing hard drives or advising on everything from what smells great to process improvements, Nathan is all in on this venture. His steadfast and constant belief in the brand keeps Katy pouring products.

Nathan's Fave Product
The Shave Tube
Sandalwood Bourbon Bar Soap

Fun Fact:
Nathan was born in Ethiopia, raised in El Paso and grills out even in freezing temps.

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eric anderson

Eric, a resident of Idaho, is our natural resources consultant. He recently  graduated this May with a Masters in Natural Resources from the University of Idaho and yet he's still taking classes.

He has advised us on important eco-friendly choices, such as going palm-free. His current project is researching eco-sustainable packaging. 

As the family introvert, his little sister thought it would be fun to post a picture of Eric in a challenging situation: holding a microphone.

Eric's Fave Product
Cedarwood & Citrus Aftershave
Bay Lime Bar Soap

Resume Highlights:
Goat Farming on a Norwegian Island and a decade with Americorps NCCC.

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sadie miller

This little Soap Boss ensures daily quality testing to ensure that our soaps are gentle enough for her bath ducks and our bath bombs are totally foamy. Our English Lavender Scented Rollerball brings sweet dreams each night to our little boss.

Sadie's Fave Product
English Lavender Bath Bomb Jar
Milk & Honey Sugar Scrub

Fun Fact:
Sadie is currently in the pre-primary class at Villa Montessori and plans to take over Lillie & Pine some day.