Soy Candles + Melts
Soy Candles + Melts
Soy Candles + Melts
Soy Candles + Melts
Soy Candles + Melts
Soy Candles + Melts
Soy Candles + Melts
Soy Candles + Melts

Soy Candles + Melts

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Hand poured soy joy in Rock Island, Illinois.

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with Buttercupp Candles. We first met Jennifer Cupp, the multi-creative maker + owner at an Iowa market in 2018 and we continue to be blown away by her creative outpourings. Painting, photography, designing home decor pieces, curating markets, podcasting, and candle making are just a few of the creative acts I've caught Cupp doing masterfully. 

Enjoy our initial menu of these adorable, scented soy candles all hand poured locally by Cupp. Stay tuned via email and social media for new scent arrivals!

It makes our day to hear from you HOW good Lillie & Pine products smell! We love that you take a chance ordering a scent online so we want to help describe the notes in each scent. Click on one that interests you to see a popular product in that scent.
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*fragrance free | scented with essential oils



lemonade, buttercream, butter days


Clover Hill: red clover, sweet pea, raspberry, white lily, green tea, pineapple

Crisp Appleapple, green leaves, pear, vanilla, rose

*English Lavender: lavender, vanilla, clary sage

Marigold + Lemon: lemongrass, cedarwood, sandalwood, sweet orange

Milk + Honey: honey, creamy milk, french vanilla, jasmine, cherry 

*Orange Clove: orange buttercream, clove, cardamom 

Pear Tree: anjou pear, apple blossom, juicy peach

*Pure + Clean: your sweet self - 100% unscented

Tangerine Basil: tangerine tart, orange peel, sweet basil 


*Tea Tree + Lavenderlavender, tea tree, sweet eucalyptus

Lemon Cupcake: lemonade, honey, vanilla, buttercream frosting

Cucumber Melon: honeydew, fresh cucumber, violet


*Sadie's Stain Stick: key lime, italian orange, eucalyptus

*Rosewater: rose, fresh aloe


Foot Pumice: peppermint, neroli, tea tree, lavender

*Foot Balm: peppermint, neroli, tea tree, lavender

Nail Nourish: lavender + vanilla


*Bay Lime/Shave Soap: tahiti lime, bay leaf, orange zest 

*Cedarwood + Citrus: bold bergamot, texas cedarwood, peru balsam, blood orange

Sandalwood Bourbon: sandalwood, bourbon, butterscotch, whiskey

Blue Mountain: coriander, green leaf, sea salt, tobacco, mint

Road Trip: bay rum, sandalwood, vetiver


SOY CANDLES + WAX MELTS (see product page)



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