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For the classic wet-shave experience, Lillie & Pine Shave Soaps generate a smooth lather that boosts glide and complexion while reducing irritation.  Shave Soap provides greater visibility to reduce missed hairs and removes dirt and grease along with stubble.  

Scented with a handsome blend of Patchouli, Lime + Bay essential oils.  Get ready for your cleanest most comfortable shave yet.

S H A V E  T U B E:  perfect for the traveling guy

S H A V E  D I S C:  fits any standard shave mug

S H A V E  S T I C K:  prime handheld option


Saponified Olive, Coconut, Castor, Rice Bran + Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Patchouli, Lime + Bay Essential Oils, Goat Milk