Travel Set

Travel Set

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New SCENT GUIDE below!

The last time I checked into a hotel, I forgot to bring my own soap. Sad moment of realization. The soap (which also wouldn't stay put on the shower ledge) made me itchy and the lotion felt weird compared to what I was used to. At that moment, I committed to creating a travel size at that moment so we can all enjoy the comforts of home on the go! 

Scent Guide:

Milk + Honey: honey, creamy milk, french vanilla, jasmine, cherry 

Clover Hill: red clover, sweet pea, raspberry, white lily, green tea, pineapple

English Lavender: lavender, vanilla, clary sage

Pear Tree: anjou pear, apple blossom, juicy peach

Gift Set includes a TSA approved Clear Travel Bag and:

  • Body Lotion
  • Sugar Scrub
  • Bar Soap
  • Soap Lift

Perfectly sized to keep you feeling soft, clean and smelling gorgeous on the road!

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