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Our signature line comes in the four classic scents you love! We also offer an unscented version of many products, to account for those with extra-sensitive skin (or who just love a particular perfume!)
clover hill face & body lotionclover hill face + body washClover Hill Body + Linen MistClover Hill Face & Body Balm

Clover Hill

smells like red clover, sweet pea, raspberry, white lily, green tea, and pineapple

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english lavender face + body lotionenglish lavender face + body washcalm balmenglish lavender body + linen sprayEnglish Lavender Face & Body Balm

English Lavender

smells like lavender, vanilla, and clary sage

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milk + honey face + body lotionmilk + honey face + body washmilk + honey body + linen sprayMilk & Honey Face & Body Balm

Milk + Honey

smells like honey, creamy milk, french vanilla, jasmine, and cherry

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pear tree face + body washpear tree body + linen spraypear tree face + body lotionPear Tree Face & Body Balm

Pear Tree

smells like anjou pear, apple blossom, and juicy peach

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Milk & Honey Face & Body Balmpure + clean face + body washpure + clean face & body balmEnglish Lavender Face & Body BalmClover Hill Face & Body Balm

Pure + Clean

100% unscented

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